What is Steam Tag Leaderboards?

Steam Tag Leaderboards is a site for voting and comparing games based on Steam's different tags, such as Great Soundtrack, Action RPG and other tags.

Wondering what game has the best Open World? Looking for an Atmospheric game? Steam Tag Leaderboards has you covered.

If you have a Steam account, login and help fill the leaderboards by voting on games you have played.

How do I vote on games?

Login with your Steam account, and click Start voting in the navbar to start voting.

Note that Steam Tag Leaderboards needs to retrieve a list of your games before you can start voting. If the site is under load, this might take a while.

Why doesn't the game have a score yet?

Before a game is ranked on the leaderboards, the game and tag combination must have received at least five votes.

Anything else?

You can contact me by sending a message to my email address.